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Going to Prom? Getting Married? Planning a Quince?

We have everything you need to rent the tuxedo.

Our tuxedo rentals range from $150-$250 with the average around $160.

Come in 2 months before your event and tell us what you want your group to wear.

Send them in at least a month before your event to be measured and pay in full. 

You can also send in measurements for the out of town members of your party.

Our Stylists can help you choose what you like and works best for your money.

Tuxedos are ready to be picked up on Friday and must be returned on Sunday or Monday in our Tuxedo Drop located on the side of the store.

We require a credit card number on file during the rental to charge for late returns and missing pieces.

Tuxedo rentals must be paid in full when you are measured.

Call us at 325-949-3782 with questions.

We do charge $5.00 for measurements used for rentals and purchases elsewhere.